Hi all im Dj Benski-b for short Benski ive currently been bedroom djing for many years i started out mixing dance music on vinyl when i was the age of twelve but didn't own my pair of decks until i was the age of fourteen by then i was into a genre called happy hardcore also now known as uk hardcore so i decided to go to my local record store spin central (weston-super-mare) were i brought my first vinyl what was rock ya hardcore Dj kurt remix this was the start me then i had the buying vinyl bug even know i didn't have the best setup a old pair of numark belt driven decks with lobsided platters then i leanred the basics of mixing uk hardcore and spotted a pair of cd decks (numark axis 4's) this was something very different from the feeling of vinyl I quickly got used to cdj mixing and then started teaching friends how to mix uk hardcore so we could have lil b2b sessions with them this was just madness in the making then i gained myself a few local bookings b2b with lads that i had taught to mix what was really something special as they remembered and respected what i made them into deck bopping addicts after a fair few local bookings i ended up moving out the area into London. Bookings got less and less regular one a year if I’m lucky so for now I’m trying to reach more promotors for bookings and enjoy the music as much as you do.