Deelicious was born in Bury, Greater Manchester, but moved to Yorkshire as a young girl. She is definitely an honourary Yorkshirewoman and loves her Yorkshire Tea, often found with a brew in hand, whether it be in front of or behind the decks! She began learning to DJ in 2013 in a friend's bedroom, where of course every DJ begins their musical journey! A good year or so was spent honing her trade and learning and perfecting new skills, before purchasing her own decks around Christmas time 2014. From then until January 2016, she spent many an hour in her bedroom, practising and refining her technique until an opportunity presented itself and she was asked to play her debut gig in a club on none other than her Birthday! It was the night of Dee's 31st Birthday celebrations and the Premonition crew asked her to do a back to back set with friend and fellow DJ, the mega talented Hayley Watkinson aka Halestone at the Official After Party for the Cozmik launch night. As a first set, going back to back with a Hard Trance/Hardstyle DJ was a tall order, but the girls pulled it off in style, wowing the crowds with their tune selection and high intensity energy behind the decks! In February 2016, Dee entered the Sanity Rewired DJ Competition and won, winning her a set warming up for the Queen of Bounce - Lisa Pin-Up! This was a dream come true for Dee, with Lisa being her female DJ idol and she didn't disappoint, bringing what we now come to know and love as the Deelicious Bounce to Doncaster Warehouse back in May 2016! From then on sparked a steady stream of bookings and gigs for Dee and she has continued to go from strength to strength on the DJ ladder, playing alongside some of her other DJ idols, including Andy Whitby and Rob Tissera at legendary nights such as The Bounce Factory and Storm! At the end of 2016, she went into the studio to produce her first track, which is still under construction, but got it's first road test at One Big Bash in January 2017, so watch this space for this and future releases from Deelicious! Aside from obvious mixing skills, it is her bubbly personality, which shines through when she's playing; her infectious smile, which beams out during her set (apart from when a bass face is occurring!) and her abundant colourful energy that has got Deelicious noticed and we have no doubt she has a promising career ahead of her in the DJ world! As Dee is and always will be a true raver to the core, in the words of a raver... The future is bright, the future is neon!